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Culture [kuhl-cher];Noun

The behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular group.

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Life at WorkWave®: Not your typical stuffy office

Take everything you know about office space and throw it out the window..

At any full-time job, you’ll spend 8+hours/day in the office. That translates to 40+ hours/week, or 2080 hours/year. WorkWave wanted to make each one of those hours as enjoyable as possible, which is why we designed a state-of-the-art office space that is both practical and comfortable.  



Teamwork is a real thing here

“It takes two flints to make a fire.” – Louisa May Alcott

From support to engineering, sales to marketing, programming to finance and everything in between, each and every department fuels our company’s success with teamwork.

Marathon Teamwork Action


We treat each other like family

WorkWave employees truly do enjoy working together. Joining our team means you gain a second family.

Our employees cultivate a friendly, respectful and supportive environment. Whether we’re collaborating on a work-related project, sharing our latest family photos or participating in company athletic teams, our team makes WorkWave feel like home away from home.

Marathon Teamwork Action


We love the beach (most of us anyway!)

Our conference rooms are bright, spacious and are named after beautiful local and international beaches.

Some of our employees favorite beach towns are:

Marathon Teamwork Action


We're animal lovers

Our employees collectively parent…


37 Dogs

22 Cats

10 Fish

3 Birds

2 Reptlies

1 Turtle

1 Guinea Pig

1 Rabbit


We love to celebrate!

We have a variety of traditions at WorkWave, but our tradition for celebrating milestones is the best by far. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, birth announcement or just because – we love to bring in treats to help celebrate.


78% of employees have shared treats with the team to celebrate a special occasion

All of our treats are delicious, but everyone has their favorites

...and reward hard work with company events

Several times a year, we get together to pat each other (and ourselves) on the back for all of our hard work. Just a few of our annual events include a fun holiday party and a laid-back summer picnic.



We love our mother earth

Among the many pieces of WorkWave swag our employees collect over the years is our reusable WorkWave Tervis cup. In our office, many choose to use this cup in lieu of paper cups and the impact is astonishing.


86% of our employees use our reusable WorkWave Tervis cup daily This saves roughly 17,200 cups per year from entering our landfills

The average WorkWave employee owns 6+ pieces of reusable WorkWave swag

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